Faculty and Staff

3 Year Kindergarten
Brittany Kirkpatrick – B.S., Delta State University
Anne McMaster- Assistant

Rebekah Meyer – B.S., Delta State University
Melissa Clark – Assistant

4 Year Kindergarten
Ann Holman – B.S., Delta State University

Marcia Hargett & Katherine Jackson – Assistants
Tracie McNeer – B.S. Delta State University
Carmella Galas- Assistant

5 Year Kindergarten
Stephanie Jones – B.S.Ed. Delta State University
Allene Cleveland – Assistant
Leigh Ann Thomas – B.S.Ed. Mississippi College
Megan Web – Assistant

First Grade
Sonya Burchfield – B.S.Ed. Delta State University
Megan Berryhill – B.S.Ed. Mississippi State University

Hannah Gordon – 1st Grade Assistant

Second Grade
Angela Bailey – B.S.Ed., Delta State University
Emily Phillips –

Third Grade
Michele Farmer- B.A.Ed, Georgia College & State University
Bettye Hill – B.S. Ed, M.Ed. Delta State University

Fourth Grade
Janice Roberts – B.S. Ed. Delta State University
Anna Janes – B.S. Ed. Belhaven

Fifth Grade
Joyce Garrison – B.A. Huron College, M.Ed. University of Alabama

Heather Sledge – B.S.Ed. Mississippi State University

Sixth Grade
Mary Kline – B.S.Ed., M.Ed.,  Ed. Spec., Delta State University

Ashley O’Neal – B.S. Ed, M.Ed. Delta State University

Librarian/3rd-6th Computer
Bonnie Lowery – B.S., Mississippi State University

Science Lab/Math Lab
Tammy Whalen – B.S., Mississippi State University

Physical Education
Nathan Perrett –  Delta State University

Pat Wood – B.F.A.,  M.Ed., Delta State University

Nancy McKnight – B.S.Ed. Delta State University

Sandi Jackson – B.M.Ed. Delta State University

Cindy Kinnison – B.S.Ed. Delta State University
Debbie Abide – SOAR Assistant

Carol Kyle – Secretarial Science Degree Mississippi Delta Community College

Office Assistant
Angela Goodman – B.A., Phillips Community College

Diane Burd – B.S.Ed., M. Ed. Ad. Delta State University

PDS Lunch
Arlene Dreher
Sherry Vance
Carolyn Hobbs

Dan Griffin
Debbie Ann Cleveland