History and Description

The school was founded by the Session after a complete and exhaustive study was made of the feasibility and need for a Christian Day School.

The first year of operation began in 1965, with the Kindergarten Day School under the direction of Mrs. Pearl Outlaw. The projected plans for the school are now complete. Grades one and two were added in the fall of 1968, grades three and four in the fall of 1969, grade five in the fall of 1970, and grade six in the fall of 1971. A four year-old  kindergarten was added in the fall of 1990, and a three year-old program was added in the fall of 2000.  Three year-old kindergarten through five-year-old kindergarten constitute our pre-school, first and second grade make up our lower school, third and  fourth grade make up our middle school, and fifth and sixth grade make up our  upper school.

The School is Christian and parochial. Government aid is neither sought nor accepted. A yearly, non-refundable registration fee of $100 is required, along with a signed contract, to hold a spot for your child for the coming year. A tuition and fee schedule is available in the school office.

Teachers are required to have a Class A certificate and most have, or are working toward, a Class AA certificate. They must excel in educational, spiritual, and practical qualifications. The teachers must prescribe to the standards and philosophy of the school.

Although the school is sponsored and guided by the Session of the First Presbyterian Church, any denominational emphasis is absent. We seek instead to present Christ and Christian teaching in the daily periods of Bible study. It is a Christian philosophy we share, not denominational doctrines.

The following are past and present Principals of Presbyterian Day School:

  • Mrs. D.L. (Elizabeth) Dean 1965-1977
  • Dr. Myrtis Tabb 1977-1990
  • Mrs. Linda Russell 1990-1995
  • Mrs. Claudia Nisbett 1995-1999
  • Mr. Tommy Naron 1999-2008
  • Mrs. Diane Burd 2008-present