Presbyterian Day School teaches by the following objectives:

To teach the Bible as God’s Word and to help students recognize that their chief duty in life is to know, love, and serve God through application of Christian principles in all areas.

To serve as an instrument of God in conveying God’s tremendous love and concern for each student and in guiding each student toward a saving relationship with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

To enable students to perceive that talents and intellectual capabilities are gifts of God and should be developed to the maximum.

To develop for students a comprehensive academic program of communication skills, mathematical skills, and scientific skills.

To provide opportunities for students to develop creative, critical, and logical thinking skills.

To develop in students an appreciation for their country and its democratic ideals.

To help students learn to be resourceful and contributing members of a community through personal practice of good citizenship.

To help students develop self-respect and respect for others.

To help students accept responsibility in all areas and move toward a more self-disciplined life.

To promote students’ growth in physical fitness and good health habits.

To help the students develop self-realization by instilling a desire to continue learning.