The Academic Program
Presbyterian Day School provides an academic program for students in three year-old kindergarten through sixth grade. Our pre-school provides educational opportunities for three, four, and five year-olds through a learning centered approach. Emphasis is placed on providing experiences that foster development that is appropriate to the child’s maturational level. Our purpose is to develop the whole child as he is introduced to his place in God’s world. Four and Five year-old kindergarten students begin their Phonics/Reading/Writing instruction with aBeka Phonics and Writing.  The phonics program allows the students to increase their knowledge of letters and sounds as they begin to develop word recognition skills,  spelling, and manuscript writing. These skills will help prepare students for first grade. Four year-old kindergarten also uses aBeka math. The five-year-old curriculum introduces the Sadlier-Oxford math program which is taught through sixth grade.

First and second grade make up our lower school. The basic program, in lower school, centers around language arts with emphasis on reading instruction, word recognition skills, phonics, oral and silent reading, spelling, manuscript and cursive writing, and creative writing. The fundamental processes of mathematics are developed through our math curriculum. Also included in the lower school curriculum are science, health, and social studies.

Grades three through six make up our middle and upper school. Students continue to develop their academic skills. Language arts, with emphasis in reading, English, vocabulary, creative writing and spelling, and a mathematics program challenging students to reason and think critically make up this curriculum. Social studies and science with emphasis in problem solving techniques are also taught in these grades.

Students in  first through sixth grade participate in the Accelerated Reading and Accelerated Math programs.  First through sixth grade students are also given a STAR reading and math test at the beginning and end of each year. A weekly math and science lab is also provided for students in first through sixth grade.

Bible is taught in all grade levels. There is no denominational emphasis taught. All  students, in three year-old kindergarten through sixth grade, learn a  Bible verse each week.  The students recite the learned verse during chapel each Friday morning at 8:30.

Students in all grades benefit from a specialist in the areas of physical education, music, library, art, foreign language, science lab and math lab. Enrichment opportunities also include introduction to computer  skills. Students take numerous field trips and resource speakers are used in the classrooms.  Soar, a reading/vocabulary enrichment program, is offered to students in five-year-old kindergarten through sixth grade at an additional cost.

At Presbyterian Day School the curriculum is the medium through which the child is oriented to a life in Christ and to the culture of this world. We seek to provide an education in a wholesome Christian environment in which the child can learn as well as have a school that genuinely offers academic excellence. It is our purpose to seek at all times to meet and to exceed, whenever possible, all the academic standards set by the state. In addition, the elementary child is guided to develop intellectual processes, physical skills, study skills, communication skills, mathematical and scientific skills, good work habits, and aesthetic appreciation.

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